Wednesday, January 14, 2009

God is Love

Without the very heart-beat, (essence) spirit in and through the words in the Scriptures, is it any wonder we feel as if we’ve been bludgeoned by the “truth” when applied to our lives?

We have all been born into a world filled to over flowing trouble, anguish, suffering and pain. Funny in a sense, when Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness by Satan and he offered Jesus all the splendor-kingdoms of this world if he would bow down and worship him, was Jesus ignorant, blindsided and not aware that behind the so called glitter and splendor was a humanity totally cut of from their true source, a God and Father of love.

For love to become a tangible reality and available to all men, Father is once again fleshing Himself out in us, to us and through us that others might see this invisible God we say we love and that loves us.


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Mike said...

I used to look at the scriptures with great confusion about this multiple personality God. Then slowly Christs words made sense -- if you have seen me, you have seen the father. 1 John 4:8 began to make sense... GOd is love. I began to look at every passage of scripture with this one question - what does this say about God's love for us?

Our biblical studies segment is based upon they premise... we look at scripture with that one question - what does this say about GOd's love for us? It's a VERY neat experience to do this for 8 hours a day. We are doing a shortened version of this in Canada in March. It is our most requested seminar, very exciting and fun.

One fellow I know, a few years ago walked around for almost a year in a daze saying over and over, "I am the apple of HIs eye..."

That is revelation!!!! HE loves us!