Friday, January 23, 2009

Established in the Present Truth

“Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth” (2Peter 1:12).

What is the present truth that is calling for your and my attention, and is this call something we find easy to respond to, are things super convenient for you right now, no disturbances, and no inner or outer wars going on in your life?
When is it ever convenient to be established in the present truth?

What, or who is your fulcrum, lets take a look at the word for a minute, Fulcrum- “An agent through which vital powers are exercised.”
I don’t know about you or what you are facing or going through, but for me I find it much easier to bitch, gripe, complain and basically wimp out, by making excuses for me.

All one has to do is look around and see that many are either in over their heads right now because of the global domino effect of the recession and its snow balling or will soon be one way or another.
That which has defined who they thought they were is turning to ashes right before their eyes.
Today in California a married man who lost his job ended up killing his wife and five children all because of the unfolding out of control pressures coming upon him.

In this world we as believers are told by Christ Himself there will Be trouble, and with these troubles there is an avalanche of pressures that come with them.
Why in God’s name would anyone not knowing the Lord ever want Christ when they see so many Christians mouthing verbal religious bull shit, but all the time scared shitless and hoping for the Rapture to soon come and get us the hell out of here?

What the hell does this mean other than just freaking ink on paper, “Greater is He in you than he that is in the world?”
Is it remotely possible He, the Father of our spirit is wanting to establish us in the present truth and reality of who’s we are, freeing us to BE hope, peace, joy, hope to those who’s identities are being eroded bit by bit?!

The thief only comes for the purpose of stealing, killing and destroying, but I (Jesus) have come that you might have life and have it in abundance!
If His life in us as us is NOT our fulcrum, then I see it being totally legitimate to be whining about loosing my joy, peace, whatever. If this stuff was but external crap then expect the shit to hit the fan when the heat and pressures are turned up in your and my life, and discovering at best I only had a form of godliness, but NO power!

It doesn’t have to be this way folks, our loving Father is only too willing to bring us to see and know Who’s we are and who we are in Him.
It takes what it takes, but I hope and pray it won’t end up in another person taking his or her own life along with others.


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