Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It’s A Girl

While doing my route yesterday I saw this huge make shift sign on a front lawn that read in big bold pink letters, “IT’S A GIRL!
This was so cool to see, it evoked within me a wondrous sense of Father saying to me, “Son, this is but a reflection of how I rejoiced over you the day I heard your first cry-breath as you came into the world.”

I am the Lord your God and Father; I rejoice over you with great joy and with shouts of gladness, you have captured my heart!

Wow, could it be that he loves me that much?! I am inclined to believe it is so.


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Ruth said...

Rejoicing too, in His love for you, and for me! for all of us. And congratulations to the momma and poppa of this little one too.
God is always speaking to us, isn't He?