Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wallowing in Vomit

If a person, most specifically a ‘Christian’ can ask questions such as this, “How come people choose to live in fear, bondage and settling for the status quo, and more to the point, how can a person call themselves a Christian, and choose to continue to imbibe from this stream of lies and deceit? Then maybe they have never had a fresh opening up of all that and more within their very flesh! Yeah, you heard me right, like a boss I use to have many years ago said, “Remember when you’re pointing that finger at whomever, three are pointing right back at you!

Lets look at this true proverb, “The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire.”
Don’t shake your head in disbelief, thinking, how in the hell would/could anyone do such an asinine thing? Well, that’s why we so desperately need Him to become our total and objective in/sight, why, because we are apart from Him totally blind deaf and dumb. Now if that doesn’t piss someone off, I’ll try harder-ha!

We were as it were born in a ‘still born’ position, no Life, oh yeah we were alive in the physical, emotional sense, heck we even had the spirit of life in us because of what God did when he formed man from the dust and blew into that lump of dirt, the ‘breath of life’, but we were and are designed to be made fully alive by Him placing within us the Life of another-Himself.

The setting of the first man and woman was a place of innocence, they were unknowing of any shameful thing, ‘The man and woman were naked before the Lord, and were not ashamed’. But innocence was never to have been their permanent abode. They (according to what my good friend has shared with me) thought that acquiring knowledge was the only smart available option verses eating from the ‘Tree of Life’, as they figured they were already ALIVE.
The father of lies successfully baited and hooked this couple (all of humanity) with his delicious mirage of a promised smorgasbord, only to discover in supposedly gaining they lost everything.

In acquiring this false nature, the one that permeated the father of lies, a nature rooted in lies, fear, murder deception, and most importantly, independence, he, Adam, was now totally blinded by his selfishness, and becoming a self that only lived for self.
This blindness has imprisoned all of us, and no matter how much of His (the Father’s) unconditional love and acceptance we’ve experienced, hidden from sight but within our flesh is a bastion of that which will try to entice and snare us all over again, if we but give a mind to it!
Ergo, the increased need to be tender and kind hearted, forgiving, compassionate towards one another, or as Peter so aptly put it, “I know you know these truths, but as long as am able, I will continue to remind you of what you say you already KNOW!”


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