Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hooked on a Feeling

Is it Christ that is being seen, made evident in our lives, or, is it the by product-effects we are clamoring over such as, peace, joy, contentment etc? The good is always the enemy of the Best, and there is NO substitute for knowing Him, the one who has called us to BE His trophy’s of grace.

The mistaken notion that God has called me to this or that, ‘office-calling-badge-button-anointing-ministry,’ pardon my French is pure shit!! He has called us to BE his and His alone, and because we do NOT yet see that if you or I can add anything to this family status we have received freely in the Father’s love, then we do NOT yet have a revelation of what it means to be a son-daughter of the Most High God, our Father!!

We utilize God for the sake of getting peace and joy, that is, we do not want to realize Jesus Christ, but only our enjoyment of Him. This is the first step in the wrong direction. All these things are effects and we try to make them causes.

How much of our ‘birth-right’ is being pissed away for a bowl of trying to fit in, belonging, kissing ass, all in the name of not feeling left out, or perceived as a fruit-loop?

I loved what a brother said years ago regarding the lack of revelation we have simply because we may have been inclined to think it is held out for only a selected few~ha!
He went on to say, regarding our place in His loving acceptance is much like a person trying their level best to go-get into another room, they are straining and grunting trying to force the door open, only to discover like an epiphany that in fact they are IN that very

Is it possible that His ever present amazing grace is the impetus for the miracle of experiencing this, “Except you become like unto a child, in no way will you and I have any meaningful intercourse, you will miss my present and active involvement in your life?”


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