Friday, July 25, 2008

The Kingdom of Self

Bang, right off the bat someone chimes in, ‘I’m not religious, I don’t even believe in God, and there is no God’.
The interesting thing is that all of us worship self; even the child of God who turns from abiding in Christ will demonstrate this same self-centeredness. I see this trait of self-centered living as one of the most compelling practical evidences that Satan dwells in our flesh. This evidence is seen in the sadly universal demonstration of self-centeredness in all humanity. The evil one is in the flesh of both the saved and the unsaved and continually prompts us to a self-centered view of life.

In turning to self, is it any wonder we can’t see the forest for the trees, we blindly ask the Father, ‘please make me more loving’-sadly discovering that living apart from him is a placebo at best.
Not realizing we are meant to live as the result of the life of another living in us as us.
It is in turning, surrendering moment by moment to Him our only Life that we begin to discover He is an endless flow of love, a self-for-others!
This life I’m learning by unlearning is that I was designed to be dependent upon another for life and living as a 'self-for-others' is always going to be a choice. Now that’s what I call, ‘Good News.’


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