Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Don’t Confuse Me

It is a lie from the evil one that we can live successfully in independence from the Father. We were created to BE containers of the Father’s life. One of the consequences of this fact is that we cannot exist in a true state of spiritual independence. This inability arises from that fact that we were not born physically with a spiritual nature of our own. We were created as a “living soul” but our human spirit is not fully functioning in its native state. We were made in such way that we must serve either God or Satan. (Romans 6:16) Paul leaves us with no third option. We must either be committed to sin (Satan) or committed to righteousness (God).

We need to let the Father bring us to a level of acceptance and understanding of this truth about human existence. We cannot live as independent spiritual entities. The Father created us this way so that we would have a need to seek Him. If we reject God we automatically accept Satan’s spiritual guidance. We have a will but this can only choose between options, it cannot create its own possibilities. All of this comes out of our having a human spirit that is largely non-functional until it is animated by the life of God through Christ. It is only the true life of God that can bring our human spirit to a fully functional condition. Until a person accepts the Father’s life through Christ, their spirit is inanimate (except for the conscience). In this condition, our moral guidance must come from the only other spiritual guide in creation-Satan.

From; “The Life That is Real Life”-Bill Landon



Ruth Lang said...

Wow Rich, this was wonderful !

animated by the life of God through Christ !

containers of the Father's Life .

I just loved so much every word you shared.
it's just so rich and lavish , like a feast !
thanks for feeding me lol

Rich said...


The one passion I am getting in touch with more and more is in wanting to provoke others to see and know they they too are fully able to hear from the source of all that is true and real, the Father of THEIR spirit, as well as stimulating the possibilty of further communication with them.

I too am feasting on Him, the true Bread from heaven, our hidden manna!