Thursday, July 17, 2008


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In our prolonged but frequently interrupted conversation today via Skype, Dave and I were carried aloft by a mysterious, intoxicating breeze from the Father himself. It was as if we were being effortlessly borne “on a current of the unforced rhythms of his grace”, being taken into places of thoughts and ponderings that seemed staggering to our sense of what is real or credible…and most intriguing of all was a sense that He was reaching out to us and inviting us to imagine what it means to be child-like. What He was offering in this ‘close encounter’, in a moment when we were simply thinking out loud, was so overwhelming that our senses were rapidly spinning into sensual overload. Why? Because it was as if we were no longer talking about him - but that He was there, present, pulling back the veil. I sensed we were leaves on a flowing river or feathers in the wind. Was it all but a dream, a mirage, the over-active collateral effects of cups of java, or was it a fresh introduction to “unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God”?

For the sake of wanting to provoke readers to think for themselves, I will refrain from trying to nail down the ‘right’ language/interpretation of what is meant by the phrase, “the kingdom of God” for now. All I know is that I am now pondering the spirit behind those words and how He, the Spirit of Truth, has my undivided attention, at least at this moment in time.

When I consider such writings as
C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, common fairy-tales or movies such as Field of Dreams and The Matrix, I am persuaded that they are pointing to a much greater present reality. It’s as if within these stories there exists a portal to another realm. Whether it’s through a looking glass, a wardrobe door or a ploughed field of corn, these dreams and nuances depict the availability of this reality (the kingdom) being within our reach.

Dean Sherman (Youth with a Mission) states that the themes of romance, conflict and adventure are interwoven in all stories from the beginning of time. Why do these themes speak so profoundly to us, almost as ‘deep calls unto deep’ and why do they cast such magical spells upon us? I believe it’s because we inadvertently have become like Peter Pan, all grown up on the outside though still children within, and it is to these childish hearts the spirit of God speaks.

This child-like wonder sneaks up on me and surprises my heart. Jesus Himself said words to this effect: “Except you become like a child, the reality of this present realm and all that it encompasses will be hidden from your understanding”.

The Prince has prepared a sumptuous meal and stands at the door of our hearts, offering a warm embrace, bidding us to partake of this heavenly realm in the here and now. Will we accept the invitation?


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