Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Holy Rebellion

For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idol-worship. Because you have rejected the Word of Jehovah, He has also rejected you from being king! (1 Samuel 15:23 MKJV)

This passage is often misused to control people: Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft!!! Is that true 100% of the time? Really? Thank God that not everything that is true is TRUTH! If all rebellion were always wrong then the world would be in big trouble. The context of this passage is speaking of those who are rebelling and rejecting God's direction. But many people rebel BY God's direction....
After all, Jesus Christ was a rebel too, and He knew NO sin!
Think about it. ( Mike Rule)

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This article from Mike provoked me greatly, thanks Mike!

Does the yeast-leaven of religion (the spirit of this age) subtly bring us into compliance, sucking the fight out of us much like a neutered dog?

In light of Mike’s article above, maybe there’s more to rebellion than what meets the eye.

The murderer, liar, sinner from the beginning of time, was and is Satan, and he has become a prisoner within the flesh of all humans - so if you’re human, you’ve got him entrapped within you too.

The kicker is that although we have but one nature - the Father’s - which causes our spirit to cry out “Abba, Papa”, there is still lodged within our physical bodies the flesh, and within this flesh is the evil one, Satan. He is the real rebel, a.k.a. the sinner from the beginning of time, who operates in and through us disguised as our ‘self’. Apart from continued revelation from the Father of our spirit we will not see this.

Satan, referred to as an ‘angel of light', does not have to reinvent the wheel or any other contraption to keep us imprisoned. He has studied mankind for millenniums at a very close range, and he knows how to mess with those who do not know the Truth.
In my opinion, the greatest lie of Satan is in trying to continually cloud and obscure the reality of this God and Father a.k.a. LOVE! Without knowing at a heart level, being able to access this love for myself, everything will have distorted perceptions. Everything!

The unconditional love of the father is blowing the lid off of the entombment of my unrenewed mind, and it is here that a royal rumble rebellion is experienced for the first time. Somehow there is an intuitive knowing that I was created or reborn for so much more than shadow boxing with myself…(or is it myself)?

I am strongly inclined to believe that when we were first reborn no human agent was involved in hearing His voice; an intuitive knowing within us pointed to something or someone far superior than a mere “religious” experience. Without discovering the source of this intuitive knowing, because there are NO vacuums, it seems to be the norm for most of us, sooner or later, to be swept up into the boxed, canned, institutionalized approach of relating to God. I know this is what happened to me. I became like a neutered dog - when my name, Richard, actually means ‘bold as a lion’!

Papa is using everything for His glory and our good - everything! There are so many who are wonderfully successful at accomplishing nothing and yet come across as the best arm chair experts imaginable. Of course without knowing we have direct access to the Father of our spirit, why wouldn’t we incline ourselves to these folk?

Discovering his ocean of love for ourselves simultaneously sets into motion an upheaval of tsunami proportions; meaning, it’s not enough to hear who others say He is. I have to know Him for myself, and in the process there will be awakened within me a holy rebellion. I am not in search of some fictional ‘Holy Grail,’ but in fact His love is empowering, motivating and directing me to seek out this one who has and is pursuing me.
It is in this process that this liar within our flesh will be exposed, and as a result all hell will launch out against us to try and fill our hearts with fear and confusion. But be of good cheer - this too is being used of the Father to further encourage and enlighten us that far greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.


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