Friday, July 18, 2008


Free to Live, Free to Love

To my way of thinking this Mystery, the Message of Christ in us the hope of glory, is something that has me wanting to firmly rest in a posture of, speak Father for your son is listening.
I am learning that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the Father’s mouth, and how it is the longing of His heart to share the ‘secret’ things with those who are His.

In talking, discussing more on
Considering the Flesh-Two Natures?”, I want to highly (strongly) recommend much of what I am sharing here either directly (and from my own ponderings on this matter) from Bill Landon’s book, “The Devil You Don’t Know” from, as well as anything else he has written. As a matter of fact I just had returned to me another of his books I loaned to a brother called, “The Life That is Real Life (The Search for Our Real Nature).

I love the thought that in most instances the emphasis on buried treasure is on that particular word, ‘buried,’ one has to dig, look for it, I guess if it was lying all around on the surface, it wouldn’t be buried, hidden then would it?

The following I found to be of great consolation and comfort from the God and Father of ALL comfort.


The state of the child of God in the issue of sin is the sate of freedom and love. Our true condition before God is completely and perpetually forgiven. We do not need law, guilt, judgment or bondage to appease the Father’s anger. We are free to be the children we were created to be. Our only need is to abide in the life of Christ that is our actual life source and condition.
We are not perfect because we were not created to be perfect. We are perfectly forgiven. It was never God’s intention for the Christian life in this world to be a life of sinless perfection. God desires the Christian life be a live lived in the perfect love of Christ. Perfection is God’s realm and He will grow us up in that realm as He sees fit.
We damage and stunt our growth when we try to raise ourselves to any state of perfection based on any human standard or effort. This is equally hurtful whether the human standard is ours or someone else’s.

The children of God must allow the Father to give them an understanding of the place of sin in our lives.
The child of God sins, make no mistake about that.
However, these are not errors that arise from our spirits (our nature) and that is the difference. This is why John can say:
1John 3:9. Those who are born of God are perfect in their spirits.

In my soul I may foolishly listen to Satan in my ‘flesh’, and do something hurtful to others or myself. I need to repent of that foolishness, and accept the consequences of the action and let God teach me through it. That teaching may include some unpleasant circumstances. This unpleasantness is not very important in the long term however. What is important is that I have relationship with my Father and with my brothers and sisters. What powers that relationship is something that is far greater than any folly I can commit.
The children of God can be free from all guilt and all weight of law and striving. We have been set free to live and to love. Christians should be the least bound people on the face of the earth. The children of God have the perfection of the life of Christ in us (in our human spirit). That is our empowerment to be free to live and free to love. Sin no longer has any necessary power over us.

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Dave A. said...

Bro... this is again, very good. You know I need to hear this stuff over and over again. I am beginning to get it more. I am discovering that buried treasure.

This freedom, this Life of Him in us doesn't stop blowing me away. It continues, He continues to wonderfully erode the religious controls on my life.

- Galations 2:20 -