Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pay No Attention!

The unfathomable has happened in being reborn, a miracle in my opinion that dwarfs the original creation of the world and God breathing into a dusty lump of clay that became Man.

The Greek word ktisis (creature or creation) carries the understanding of the “act of founding, establishing, and the act of creating.” In our ‘birthing’, we have been completely transformed by the Father in a deep and foundational way.

The Gospel (Good News) has to be more than just an intellectually agreed truth or reality. It is pointing to a reality far beyond anything that we have condensed into lifeless doctrines and creeds. It is a reality that will exist forever.

Mere biblical, truthful facts will be impotent in bringing about this much required transformation. Without the direct interference of the Father disturbing our natural understanding, setting into disarray our religious equilibrium, we will remain unchanged.

If we really have been just existing, at best, in a dream world - much like that of Neo in the movie ‘The Matrix’ - is it any wonder that this news of our true identity is bound to be the best kept secret in the history of humankind?

Our Father deals only in reality (truth), so does it not make sense that this invisible entity residing within our flesh (Satan) would best operate out of outright lies and deceit?

As long as the ‘truth’ is twisted and perverted into a collection of ‘tips and techniques’ the masquerade will continue to be that which keeps us, like the citizens of Oz, “paying no attention to that man behind the curtain.”


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