Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Limitations of Religion

Within the static, fossilized, limited structures of religious ware-housing, there is a shocking upheaval taking place. Is it any wonder there is being awakened, stirred up in the hearts of those distinguishing, discerning, the voice of the Father of their spirit verses the voices of the foster parents a knowing, that it is was for ‘freedom’ they are being set free, and to no longer become entangled with man’s yoke’s of bondage. As they begin to drink deeply of the pure unconditional loving acceptance of their Father (Papa) it is freeing them from their intoxicated addiction, dependency of being ruled by their flesh. They are beginning to hear a sound and a melody that resonates within their very being, “In Him we live, move and have our being.”


The Limitations of Religion—Law and Organizations

More from Bill Landon, "The Devil You Don't Know".

Another religious view of God is a reliance on the law. The Bible is clear that it is impossible to achieve righteousness by observing the law:
Romans 3:20. Yet the religious approach to God continues to this day to make this attempt of justification by legal observance. The legal approach to living is a near necessity for the religious because religion brings along with it organization. Having an organization dooms religion to failure because organization requires an external structure. It is because of this need for external structure that organizations are law-based and not life-based.

Organizations are rules-based because behind the drive to organize is an attempt to make things predictable, controllable and systematic. You can walk into a meeting for any given denomination anywhere and, if you are familiar with that denomination, you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, life is spontaneous and unpredictable. This simple difference makes organizations and life basically incompatible.

The existence of an external structure imposes its own (artificial) rules, regulations and restrictions on its members. The rules and regulations are needed to maintain the organization’s functionality and manageability. Organizations, by their very nature cannot exist in a spontaneous environment. Yet life is spontaneous. This is why organizations have no real life in them but rather, take on a “life” of their own. This organizational “life” is really a death life. I can say this because the organization’s “life” opposes the unrestricted exercise of God’s life in the believer. The proper outcome of God’s life working in our lives is for growth, not for us to maintain the status quo.

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